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Sotech Smarter Equipment Co., Ltd. is a new material and equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. After years of technological innovation and experience accumulation, Sotech Smarter Equipment Co., Ltd. provides a variety of equipment for the customization requirements of various industries; The application field involves many industries: new energy materials industry, photoelectric materials industry, functional paper materials industry, functional packaging materials industry, factory production information management industry (MES system);

Based on the existing technology of new materials and equipments, Sunde has continued to research and innovate. With a strategic approach of “keeping a close eye on high-end, personal services, and accompanying growth”, we continue to cooperate with high-end customers, cultivate and introduce high-end talents in the industry, and establish postdoctoral programs. The innovation and practice base of fluid mechanics is dedicated to the research, development, and manufacturing of new materials and equipment.