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1. In 1997, the first domestic extrusion machine with a speed of 120m/min was launched.

2. In 2000, SDFM type computerized high-speed gravure printing machine was successfully developed.

3. In 2003, all the technical indicators of the first electronic shaft transmission gravure printing press in China reached the design requirements.

4. In 2004, the SS800 cross-cutting machine and the fixed-length stretch wet compounding machine were successfully developed.

5. In 2006, the successful development of “Connected fixed-length stretch compound transfer printing—cross cutting machine” was successfully developed.

6. In 2008, the 4.5m wide cast film production line was successfully developed.

7. In 2008, the high-speed rotary press multi-station holographic positioning hot stamping machine was successfully developed.

8. In 2009, the development of a wide width decorative paper printing press was successful.

9. In 2010, 400m/min high-speed electronic shaft transmission gravure printing machine was successfully developed. .

10. In 2010, 400m/min high-speed digitized wide-format high-speed satellite flexographic press was successfully developed.

11. In 2011, the connection of cold stamping, hot stamping, and C square cold transfer electronic shaft drive gravure printing machine was successfully developed.

12. In 2013, the high-speed unit type flexographic printing press was successfully developed, and the 600m/min high-speed slitting machine was successfully developed.

13. In 2015, the A380 solventless gravure printing machine for energy saving, consumption reduction and emission reduction was successfully developed.

14. In 2016, the solvent-free flexible packaging gravure printing machine project was successfully developed.